Who we are, what we represent, and where we are going



Barritus Brewery was formed with the stated mission to hire and give back to veterans. This mission is woven through every part of our company, even our name Barritus, which is Latin for “Battle Cry”. For our Battle Cry Brew, we keep it simple. We create recipes that are classic yet bold that bring out the warrior in all of us.

Every sip of our Battle Cry Brew benefits great military and veteran causes, providing much needed funding to help those in need. In fact, 10% of all brewery sales go directly to The Barritus Foundation. This includes beer, merchandise, everything. The Barritus Foundation is managed with zero overhead expenses by active and retired military service men and women, guaranteeing that 100% of all funds received get to the right places.

Located in San Diego, both a military town and the Craft beer capital of the World, our goal is to get both beer lovers and military personnel excited about our great beer, high-quality merchandise, and our ingrained mission to give back. That is our battle cry.

Meet Our Brewer

Karl Zappa

Karl Zappa Co-Founder & GM

Karl was raised in LA & Orange County, California and has worked in the liquor industry since he was a kid.  He was delivering product in some of the best and toughest neighborhoods of Los